• Suggestion therapy
  • Analytical therapy
  • Hypnosis for Child Birthing
  • Kids Blowaway: Hypnosis for Children and Teenagers

Suggestion Therapy

I use a combination of clinical hypnotherapy and NLP to provide assistance with problems. Common issues presented are to stop smoking, weight loss, confidence, exam stress/driving test/public speaking, nail biting, fear of needles/dentist, fear of flying etc. This typically requires only one or two sessions

Analytical Therapy

This is used to uncover the causes of anxiety-based symptoms and/or psychological problems.
This type of analysis is of great advantage to anyone who seeks further understanding of themselves and it is effective in addressing such symptoms such as:

• addictions
• social phobia (confidence, self esteem, shyness)
• shy bladder
• sexual inhibition/problems
• anxiety attacks
• fears and phobias
• obsessions
• compulsions
• blushing

Analytical therapy can help find and remove the underlying psychological problems that lead to such problems. You no longer have to put up with something that is within you but outside your control.

Sessions usually number between six and eight, and no more than twelve.

Hypnosis for Child Birthing

This enables the pregnant mother to be calmer and more in control of the birthing experience. It can reduce fears, tension, and discomfort during labour. Labour times, recovery times and the need for drugs are all normally reduced.

Three sessions of hypnosis, and the use of CDs, lends great assistance to the birthing process and compliments normal medical attendance.

Hypnosis for Children and Teenagers

Kids Blowaway is a gentle and very effective technique that I use to help children deal with such problems as lack of confidence, food issues, bed wetting, nail biting, temper, tantrums, etc. It is suitable between the ages of seven and seventeen.

Note: All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult and have parental permission.
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