Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy: Answers to some commonly asked questions

In just a short time you can get better, feel better, look better. You can banish shyness, lack of confidence, low self-esteem and other symptoms of social phobia, habits and addictions.

Hypnosis has a long history in many cultures and has been in use for centuries. Nevertheless, many people to have misconceptions about the use of hypnosis. However, in recent years after many scientific studies there is a greatly increased understanding of hypnosis and its many benefits.

Click here to read an article in The Scientific American on one such study.

Hypnotherapy is accepted as a very effective compliment to orthodox medicine and is recognised by both the British and American Medical Associations. It is also used by many doctors and dentists in their practices. With hypnotherapy you can learn how to control pain, recover faster from injuries or surgery and promote your own healing.

Hypnotherapy does not use drugs. You will simply experience a pleasant and relaxing state of enhanced awareness and concentration.